Needlework comes in many forms that vary with cultures.

We see many beautiful examples that our customers bring home from their travels. 

Counted cross stitch and needle point are a popular pass time with many Americans.

Framed needlework usually has glass and a mat or spacer to hold the glass away from the fibers.

Needlepoint, because of the very sturdy canvas substrate, does well with or without glass. 

Ways to stretch and straighten needlework correctly require patience and experience

Whatever type of needlework you make or aquire we can give you the proper presentation

Tapestries, quilts, fine rugs and other fabric art are often best displayed without framing.

A fabric sleave, hand sewn on the back near the top where a dowel or flat lumber can be inserted

is a good method. Feel free to call us for more specifics.

Quilt shops may be able to help with displays as well.

However, a modestly sized textile sewn onto a fabric background and installed 

into an appropriate frame, with or without glass, is a grant presentation.